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What is ROBLOX?

ROBLOX is a family-friendly platform where you can create games and/or play games designed by others. All you need to do to begin playing is create an account at ROBLOX.
Theme Park Tycoon 2
Lumber Tycoon 2
Gacha Online
Murder Mystery 2
Flood Escape
Whatever Floats Your Boat
Work at a Pizza Place
Flee The Facility
Restaurant Tycoon
Ninja Masters
Silent Assassin
Cube Eat Cube
Lifting Simulator
Royale High
Welcome to Bloxburg
Roblox Waterpark
Epic Mining 2
Roblox High School
Mining Simulator
Mini Golf
Speed Run 4
Treehouse Tycoon
Candy Factory Tycoon
Car Crushers 2
Shard Seekers RPG - Alpha
Retail Tycoon
Sandbox (1)
Sandbox (2)
Prison Life v2
Meep City
Adopt Me
Pizza Factory Tycoon